About us…

At the end of the 80′s was when my father, Carlos Raluy, had the brilliant idea of creating a different circus, inspired by the greats of the past. The whole family recognized in this project a great intuition! For many years we all followed my father on that adventure… his brother, my cousins and I first. Then came our husbands and the new generations. Everyone contributed with effort, ideas, intuitions and, above all, illusion. Thanks to this team work the Circo Raluy was born and prospered! It was a great feat for me… the countless awards, the recognition of the public and how much I have learned from all the artists who worked with us makes me feel fortunate and privileged.

In 2016 this stage ended with the closing of the Raluy Circus and the formation of two twin projects.
That moment was for me the end of a chapter of my life, from which was born in me the need to bring new ideas and create, on the solid bases of our tradition, something new.
The ROSE RALUY CIRCUS THEATRE is the sum of what I have learned and what I want to contribute… the sum of everything I like from the fantastic world of the performing arts… and above all it is something that is born with the same illusion with which the Raluy Circus was born, illusion shared with my family that will contribute effort, ideas and intuitions!

Thank you for trusting me.

Rosa Raluy

Daughter of Carlos, founder of Circo Raluy, she is probably the most eclectic and innovative artist of the emblematic Raluy family. Her artistic evolution was born from circus tradition and expands to dance, painting and visual expression. Creator and interpreter of VEKANTE
Muse of her artists… she will make us discover the world of circus arts through sensitivity and passion.

William Giribaldi

Order and fantasy… antonyms par excellence! In the circus universe of VEKANTE William tries to bring logic and discipline… it is an impossible task! The geometry will only fit through the cubes of his incredible juggling. We introduce you to our Ring Master…

Kimberley y Jillian Giribaldi Raluy

William and Rosa’s daughters, started training acrobats at age of five and entered at the ring of the Circus Raluy wilst very young.
Internationally recognized and reference in the circus world thanks to their number of Icarians Games. Theirs acts defies the laws of physics and natural way of execution defies the laws of logic! The stage is their home and there will be no better hosts!


The team of the Teatro Circo Rosa Raluy is also composed of a large number of professionals and artists selected through castings and collaborations with major agencies and international Circus Festivals.

Vekante’s Cast

Rosa Raluy (Spain)

General Director, Performer and Costume Designer

William Giribaldi (Italy)

Executive Producer and Performer

Kimberley Giribaldi Raluy (Italy)

Acrobat Performer and Production Assistant

Jillian Giribaldi Raluy (Italy)

Acrobat Performer and Production Assistant

Valentino Didone (Italy)

Coreographer, Dancer and Performer

Aleix Gomez (Spain)

Ring Master

Sandra Mota (Spain)

Comedy and Singer

Jose Michel (Spain)


Giulia Azzario (UK)


Kike Vasquez (Spain)


Steacy Giribaldi (Italy)

Balance and Aerial

Mikhail Milla (Chile)

Juggler and Aerial

Jimmy Saylon (Italy)

Magic and Illusions

Iveta Girtakovska (Latvia)


Elena Sofranova (Latvia)


Lluc Magaldi (Spain)

Lighting Designer and Sound

Eric Muñoz (Spain)

Ticket Office

Daniela Coatti (Italy)

Bar and Snacks

Silvano Giribaldi (Italy)

Bar and Snacks

¡Ven y despierta junto a nosotros!

Vekante, Vekante, un espectacle divertit, emocionant, sorprenent i autèntic…

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