A show that is born from illusion

The moment just before awakening is when dreams are often confused with reality. Tradition and innovation… the ordinary and the extraordinary… the common and the unusual…

Come to wake up next to us!

Vekante is a word in Esperanto that mean “wake up”.

A young acrobat stops dreaming and wakes up discovering this world inhabited by dancers, clowns, actors and acrobats… artists who live their passion. Guided by the “Director”, the “Ring Master”, and the “Clowns”, he will join the cast becoming an integral part of a show that hides effort, sacrifice, passion and magic. The scenic magic of Rosa Raluy.


Fun, exciting, surprising and authentic…

A spectacle full of emotion and meanings. The multiple keys of reading leave to the spectator the possibility of enjoying it in an intimate and personal way. The true artist lives out his dream while awake, every day on stage.